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Performance Training


Clinic Manager

 Susan was raised on the island, mostly in Campbell River where she was born and Courtenay where she spent a lot of her younger years. Growing up, Susan tried all types of sports but fell in love with gymnastics, where she spent years in competition. Susan has many degrees including Bookkeeping, Human Resources, and Business Management. After many years of being busy raising her daughter on her own, working and going to school, Susan decided to focus more on her health and started going for walks every night, which led to jogging and once it got cold, she got a gym membership, where she went regularly. Susan fell in love with the atmosphere at Prime’ quickly after joining the team, and is now on her own wellness journey, doing personal training and working with the TeamBuildr App a few times a week.

As the Clinic Manager, Susan is here to assist with anything from scheduling to inquiries on billings and invoices. You can find Susan at our upper level front desk most days. Stop by or give us a call today, and Susan will be happy to direct you to the right starting place for your own wellness journey.