Amy Brook

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Performance Training

Amy Brook


Amy was raised on a farm outside a small town in southeast Saskatchewan. Growing up on a farm allowed for Amy to experience taking care of livestock, the joys of nature, and various levels of hard work. And while Amy misses her life on the farm, she decided to investigate other parts of the world and came to Nanaimo for her university years at VIU, culminating in a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in history.

When it comes to entertainment, Amy is happiest when she is living her life through crafts such as knitting, painting, sewing, and attempting ceramics. One of her favorite pastimes is reading, preferably outside in the sun if possible. Amy’s world of fitness has included activities such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, show jumping horses, and a variety of styles of dance. Once she began working at Prime, Amy found the inclusive atmosphere encouraging for her to begin her own fitness journey.