Metabolic & Vo2 Testing


Lab Grade Metabolic Testing

Prime’ Metabolic testing captures the most accurate and reliable measure of 9 important bio-markers.

These bio-markers are : Resting Metabolic Rate, Fat-Max Zone, Calorie Burn, Vo2Max, Movement Economy, Heart Fitness, Lung Fitness, Cellular Fitness, ratio of your specific Fat vs Carbohydrate burn

Using this data, Prime’ can direct your training and programming based on your personal body biology, unique metabolism, training purpose and goals, thus maximizing your training efficiency and leading you to ultimate health and wellness.

This testing is considerd the gold standard in physiology, and will better your training approach and give you the ability to precisly measure your specific progress and see the results of your training, with zero subjectivty.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): Report provides you with 3 key metrics: (see RMR test picture)

The fuel sources your body uses during daily activities – divided between fat and carbohydrate – provided as a percentage

Your metabolic health in comparison to norms for age and gender.

Your caloric requirements based on your metabolic rate and fitness goal — with caloric recommendations

Lenght: 45min – this is a resting test, therefore there will be no physical exertion

Notes for test:

  • Fast for 5 hours before the test
  • Avoid caffiene for 5 hours before the test
  • Avoid intense exercise greater than 1 hour for 24 hours before your test Avoid smoking for 4 hours before your test

Single Test costs

  • Test Description
  • Active Metobolic Test (AMR):
  • Resting Metabolic Test (RMR):
  • Individualized 3 month nutrition plan:
  • Full Package:
  • AMR + RMR Package:
  • Test Cost
  • $175
  • $100
  • $200
  • $400
  • $250

We suggest re-testing every 3month to track your progress, and adjust your metric.

  • 2 tests: save 5% (month 0 + month 3)
  • 3 tests: save 10% (month 0 + month 3 + month 6)
  • 4 tests: save 15% (month 0 + month 3 + month 6 + month 9)
  • 5 tests: save 20% (month 0 + month 3 + month 6 + month 9 + month 12)