Strength & Conditioning


ASC Schedule

  • MOVE
  • Monday 5:30PM *changed to HIIT
  • Tuesday 5:30PM
  • Wednesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM
  • Wednesday 6:00AM
  • Friday 6:00AM
  • Wednesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM
  • Tuesday 6:00AM
  • Thursday 6:00AM
  • Wednesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM
  • Saturday 8:30AM
  • Saturday 10:00AM
  • Wednesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM
  • HIT ‘N’ RUN
  • Monday 12:00PM
  • Wednesday 12:00PM
  • Wednesday 5:30PM
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM
  • Tuesday 10am
  • Wednesday 10am
  • Thursday 10am
  • Thursday 5:30PM
  • Friday 5:30PM

Class Descriptions


Mornings (60 minutes) & Evenings (75 minutes)

Unlock your body’s full potential and reclaim your strength, agility, and vitality with our Adult Strength & Conditioning (A.S.C) programming!

Designed for the demands of real-life movement and activities, our functional fitness classes focus on enhancing your everyday performance and quality of life. Whether you’re chasing after your kids, hiking a mountain trail or simply tacking household chores, our workouts are tailored to improve mobility, stability and overall functionality. There classes are beginner friendly but also welcome a more experienced individual.

Led by our experienced and professional Kinesiologists each session combines dynamic exercises that minim natural movements, such as squatting , lifting , pushing and pulling to build a resilient and balanced body from head to toe.  Our coaches are great at adapting and modifying movements to better meet the needs of the participants.
No matter your age or fitness level, our A.S.C classes offers a welcoming and supportive environment where you can thrive and achieve your wellness goals!
Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush with our A.S.C HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class!
Say goodbye to boring workouts and hello to heart pounding, calorie-torching sessions that will leave you breathless and exhilarated. Our HIIT class is designed for busy adults looking to maximize their workout time and see real results fast. With a perfect blend of intense bursts of exercise and short recovery periods, our experienced and professional coaches will guides you through a dynamic routine that targets every muscle group and boosts your metabolism long after the session ends.
Whether you’re striving for weight loss, muscle tone or overall fitness improvement, our A.S.C HIIT class is your ticket to a stronger, leaner, and more energized you.
Transform your body and ignite your fitness journey with our dynamic Cardio and Weight Training “Heart Rate Class”.
Join us for an exhilarating fusion of high intensity cardio workouts and muscle- building stregnth training sessions, meticulously designed to sculpt your physique and boost your endurance.
Led by our experienced and professional Kinesiologists and Coaches, each sessions promises a heart pumping challenge that will push your limits and leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and more empowered than ever before.
Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, or class welcomes all levels, providing personalized attentions and modifications to help you crush your goals.
Conquer your goals by joining the class today!
Our island renowned, famous Saturday Morning SHRED class brings fitness enthusiasts from across the island. Our experienced Kinesiologists and coaches have created this session to be fully scalable to your current fitness level, meaning you can approach it at your own pace.
This high paces 75 minute H.I.I.T session will be sure to have you working hard!
Prepare to unleash your inner warrior, this isn’t just a workout– it a battle cry for your fitness journey.
Push your limits, conquer your fears, and redefine your strength with every heart-pounding sessions!
Join us no matter the skill level to try out our various different classes.
Your first class of your choice is FREE, give us a call to pick yours and register today!
This new limited time class offering is a 60 minute class from 10am-11am, Tuesdays through Thursdays for moms with babies 2 and under!
Transform your stroller into a fitness powerhouse, this bootcamp combines cardio, strength training and bonding with your little one. This class offers some socialization for babies and community for moms. Our expert instructors will guide you through fun and effective workouts specifically for moms on the move.
This is class we are very excited to be offering as it gives an opportunity for moms to bring their babies and hopefully help eliminate barriers for them participating in exercise.
Babies must be in a stroller.
You must sign up for an ASC membership in order to join these classes. Punch passes are also available. 

ASC Membership Rates

  • No. of Sessions
  • Drop In
  • 4x / month
  • 6x / month
  • 8x / month
  • 10x / month
  • 12x / month
  • 14x / month
  • 16x / month
  • 10x Punch Pass
  • Cost
  • $29
  • $100/ per month
  • $138/ per month
  • $168/ per month
  • $190/ per month
  • $204/ per month
  • $217/ per month
  • $224/ per month
  • $250/ per month
  • $250/ per pass

Certified Strength & Conditioning

Here at Prime’ we are passionate about assisting anyone with their goal of becoming healthier and more fit, as well as with their objective of living life to the fullest.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge during training towards the goal of improving athletic performance and overall general fitness of the client. Our coaches are enthusiastic and will tailor comprehensive programs to the individuals specific needs. They will design safe and effective sport specific training, will provide nutritional guidance, and are knowledgeable in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Motivate & Challenge

Our intention is to train clients properly while educating them during their sessions. We want to motivate our clients to challenge themselves and achieve personal improvements with each session they attend.