Hockey Academy


The Prime Difference

Prime’ Hockey Academy in partnership with Athletics 4 All Society, is a registered not-for-profit skills academy providing grades 7-12 education with the additional benefits of training, on-ice development, and sport specific electives all during school hours.

Our mission is to provide athletes with the best opportunity to succeed, not just in hockey, but in academics and life. We have partnered with the best in the industry to provide athletes the environment, education and support to succeed.

For strength & conditioning, athlete monitoring, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation, we have partnered with Prime’ Performance & Therapy.

Prime will be providing:

  1. 4 training sessions per week (Monday-Thursday) to improve athletes physical preparedness (speed/agility/power/strength/flexibility)
  2. Daily athletic monitoring and analytics (exact system used by the NCAA and NHL) measuring athletes physical preparedness, recovery score, and fatigue
  3. Discounted Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic Doctor, and Kinesiology care, as well as guaranteed appointments within 3 days of inquiry (current wait time to get into the majority of our services is 3 weeks)
  4. Access to recovery modalities such as: compression boots, ice bath, sauna, and red light therapy

For on-ice development we have partnered with:

  1. Prime’s on-ice coaches
  2. The Nanaimo Clippers head coach Colin Birkas and assistant coach/skills coach Gaelan Patterson
  3. JPHL head coach Curtis Toneff
  4. Goalie instruction (TBD)


Extra Curricular

  1. Athletes will have bi-weekly nutrition seminars where athletes will learn to fuel their body for performance
  2. We will have monthly sport psychology sessions, where athletes will learn the importance of the mental side of hockey, as well as tools and strategies to remain confident and performing their best

Additionally, we have developed a part-time Highschool Hybrid Option for secondary school students to receive all the benefits of Prime’ Academy while remaining at their current school.