Hit & Run Training


Group Fitness Training

Having a tough time fitting fitness into your routine? Hit & Run is a 30min, earn every rep, all gas no break, group fitness class for the busy individual.

Hit & Run class is offered Monday and Wednesday during your lunch break making it a perfect solution for you!

Hit & Run


These ‘HIT & Run’ sessions must be used mid-week, between 10am- 2pm, making ‘HIT and Run’ a perfect training option for a morning coffee break or a lunch break.

The best part is, these sessions are only $35!

Call or email us for more details, or to purchase your one-on-one ‘HIT & Run’ training sessions.

Training Sessions

Mid Week, between 10am – 2pm

This 30 minute, earn-every rep session is perfectly designed for the busy lifestyle individual, who has a hard time fitting physical activity into their daily routine.