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Kinesiology Treatment

Drawing knowledge from other scientific disciplines such as biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience and psychology, Kinesiologists have a wide scope of practice and are experts in human movement.

Common areas of Kinesiology practice include, but are not limited to athletic/sport performance, injury rehabilitation/prevention, and occupational rehabilitation/fitness. Kinesiology treatment includes a full-body evaluation of current physical function to an activity-based program progression specific to body functionality and personal goals.

Along with exercise prescription, Kinesiologists utilize other modalities from soft tissue release to K-tape, and Graston and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to aid in treatments.

Kinesiology Treats

Kinesiology alleviates a variety of body imbalances relating to joint and muscle pain, stress, nutrition and minor injuries. Back pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or migraines can all be treated through kinesiology care. Kinesiology aims to restore balance in the body and when testing and addressing physical imbalances, the emotion behind the imbalance–like anxiety, depression or stress—can be addressed as well.

If you are working with other rehab professionals you may be seeing (ex. physician, physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, RMT), please provide us with their contact information and we would be happy to work with them cooperatively toward your treatment plan.

ICBC Coverage

If you were involved in a MVA, and are covered by ICBC, you could be entitled to certain benefits.

Kinesiologists / Performance Coaches

 <span>Clayton</span> Smith

Clayton Smith

Owner, BSc Kinesiology, Performance Coach; CSCS
 <span>Ethan </span> Jones

Ethan Jones

Kin Student, Performance Coach
 <span>Shota </span> Endo

Shota Endo

MSc Exercise Science, Performance Coach
 <span>Easton</span> Ong

Easton Ong

Performance Coach
 <span>Rachel </span> Ward

Rachel Ward

BSc Kinesiology, Performance Coach
 <span>Luke</span> Shorting

Luke Shorting

Personal Trainer
 <span>Cole</span> McGuire

Cole McGuire

Personal Trainer