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Running Program

Prime is offering its first-ever running program catered to those seeking to train for a half marathon or who want to improve their aerobic endurance. Our goal is that after you participate in our running program you will feel confident enough to continue running and training on your own. Ultimately we want to promote healthy and fun running while meeting new running buddies along the way.

Why Should I Start Running?

Running is a great way to improve your health and increase longevity. Running and resistance training can both help improve your bone mineral density, which promotes healthy and strong bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Aerobic training positively influences your resting heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat percentage, and leaves you feeling much happier! How do I Start Running? It can be daunting for new runners to begin training for a half marathon, especially when we hear about some injuries others have experienced from running… or maybe injuries we have experienced in the past. The hardest part about running is simply starting. That is why, as a clinic that promotes health and performance, we decided to offer a running program. We see the need for a running program within our community that incorporates both running and resistance training, with a goal of injury prevention and strength. Training alongside our running enthusiast Kinesiologist, you can feel comforted that you will not be overtrained and instead will be educated on recovery, basic nutrition, running form/technique, and what it means to train aerobically.

What We Offer:

  • VO2 assessment & running economy assessment
  • Weekly running workouts catered to your pace and race pace goals.
  • A program that believes in the benefits of both running and resistance training to increase your aerobic capacity and strength.
  • Run Coach/Kinesiologist to help promote injury-free running
  • Positive and encouraging atmosphere
  • Weekly educational emails focussing on all things endurance training and also addressing any questions you may have

What to Expect:

  • To meet like-minded individuals passionate about running or hoping to start running
  • To improve your VO2max, exercise economy, endurance, and strength
  • To gain insight into proper recovery, endurance-related nutrition, and how to continue running after you complete our program

What to Bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Proper running shoes
  • Weather-appropriate running attire
  • Post-workout snack (trail mix, granola bar, smoothie, etc)
  • Optional: running watch, heart rate monitor, any other cool gear you have!

Program Specifics:

  • Must be 16+ to participate
  • Training as a group 2x a week
  • Official start date POSTPOSED TO March 25th to June 5th 2024. Program length of 11 weeks.
    • Anyone seeking to improve their running or run for fun is welcome!
  • Group training sessions are Monday and Wednesday at 4-5 pm
    • Monday: Running focus, location TBD
    • Wednesday: Gym focus, Prime Performance and Therapy
  • You will be expected to do some runs each week during your own time, however, your coach will inform you about what these runs should look like
  • Cost for the program is $546 plus gst (one payment or split into 2 payments)

Spring Session


Ages 16 and up

ON NOW: Spring

March 25th – June 5th 2024 (1 weeks)

No sessions May 20th, 2024

(11 WEEKS)