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Prime’ Performance has established itself as the ‘go to’ performance facility in the baseball community due to our success improving athleticism, pitching velocity, bat speed and sprinting.

Whether you’re a pro, a college prospect, or a young minor baseball player, Prime’ Sport Performance has the methods, experience and the right team to take you to the next level and beyond.

September 18 February 2 / 2024

No session on October 9, December 25, January 1

U15 Program

Monday : 3:30 – 4:30PM
Friday : 3:30 – 4:30PM

U18 Program

Monday : 4:30- 5:30PM

Wednesday : 4:30- 5:30PM


Our mission is to re-define sports conditioning and provide athletes with the education, tools and environment to enhance athletic potential and maximize athletic longevity.

Prime’s Off Season baseball programs are the most innovative and progressive off-season training programs in baseball. We combine athletic experience, education, and proven methods to bring your baseball game to the next level.

Prime’ Performance is a perfect setting for high school baseball athletes to make improvements in their off-season. You can expect a challenging and motivating environment, combined with active professional Kinesiologists, certified trainers and coaches. Our baseball specific programs are at the forefront of sport science and consistently deliver results which transfer onto the baseball diamond.

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