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Say goodbye to pain and hello to vitality with our physical therapy services, and live life to the fullest with our expert care.


Our customized approach addresses deficiencies, reduces injuries, and prepares athletes for new performance levels.

Prime Performance & Therapy

At Prime,’ we strive to help our clients take control of their health so they can achieve more and reach higher. This is accomplished through a combination of therapeutic care, fitness training and motivational support and empowerment.

Performance is for all of us

Therapy Services

Our multidisciplinary facility and cohesive team of therapists will encourage recovery on various levels, including but not limited to physical stress, sport induced injuries, workplace and/or motor vehicle incident related injuries, and/or repetitive strain injuries.

At Prime’, each therapist has the advantage to work with a broader performance team. This interdisciplinary team collaboration all takes place under one roof where they will work together and collectively guide you through your journey towards becoming a healthier and stronger you!


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Success is

We offer premier, fully customizable solutions for our clients. Success is a science. With the proper environment and support, results are inevitable. ‘Performance’ is about achieving what matters most to our clients. Success is personal.


Supplying tools for success

We connect people to elements vital to their health, supplying the tools needed to perform consistently at a high level. It doesn’t matter the profession – from city worker to nurse to athlete – Prime’ helps drive you to improve every day.

Our premium facility creates a safe and supportive environment that allows our clients to take control of their health and well-being. Our programs range from introductory adult strength training and weight loss to youth programs and elite sport-specific training.

The Prime approach is rooted in a performancebased triad:

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I laughed a lot this week. It reminded me there is no room for self criticism when you’re making progress. It would've been easy to focus on what I used to be able to do, or how strong I used to be, but it would have only sucked away my motivation and taken any fun out of the process.

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