Mike Armet


Performance Training

Mike Armet

Physiotherapist, BSc. cGIMS (I.M.S), MPT

Registered Physiotherapist (c)

Mike completed his Master of Physical Therapy in 2014 at Western University in London, Ontario. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Mike completed a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Mike has a keen interest in research and education and strives to perform the most evidence-informed practice with his patients.

Mike was born in Nanaimo and has made it his home base since 1998, with the exception of a few years spent in other areas of the province in his younger years. He is an avid athlete and grew up playing team sports at a high level. Mike currently competes in road and trail running races ranging from 5 to 50km.

Mike utilizes a wide range of clinical skills including intramuscular stimulation, joint manipulation, and therapeutic exercises. His philosophy is to master the basics and save the complex stuff for later, if necessary. He believes it’s important to understand all contributors to your pain and find solutions that help you manage, recover and deal with future problems.


  • Intramuscular stimulation/dry needling (IMS)Soft tissue release and manual therapy
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation
  • Trigger point release
  • K-Taping
  • Peripheral and spinal manipulation