John Xue

BSc Kinesiology, Performance Coach, C.S.C.S


John Xue

Performance Coach

BSc Kin, Performance Coach; CSCS

John Xue has just completed the Kinesiology program from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As a part of the Prime’ Performance and Therapy team, John hopes that his experience in the high-performance field will help clients and athletes. He also hopes to enhance his knowledge of rehabilitation and nutrition in a collaborative team environment to better meet the needs of his clients in the future.

John grew up in China, and his professional badminton training in middle and high school gave him a strong interest in sports training. That’s why he chose Kinesiology and moved to Canada. During his 4 years in Halifax, John organized soccer teams to play in the Dalhousie Interschool League and the Atlantic Region Chinese Soccer League.

John is eager to explore Nanaimo and all that Vancouver Island has to offer. He enjoys working with the multidisciplinary team at Prime Performance and doing his best work to meet the needs of his clients.