Rehab Athletics


The Prime Difference

At Prime’, we assist our clients towards taking control of their health. Allowing them to Achieve More and Reach Higher by combining a combination of therapeutic care, fitness training and motivational support and empowerment.

Our Mission

We help people take control of their health so they can Achieve More and Reach Higher, by combining therapeutic care, fitness training and empowerment to our clients.

Our Vision

To create the Island’s most dynamic and premier health facilities while being a contributing and active member of the communities in which we serve.


Get Back to Your Game with Prime’ Performance & Therapy in Nanaimo

Have you recently suffered from a sports injury? Maybe you’ve just had surgery and are eager to return to your sport? At Prime’ Performance & Therapy, we specialize in Rehab Athletics, offering comprehensive rehabilitation services tailored to athletes in Nanaimo who are striving to regain their performance levels and get back to doing what they love.

Our highly skilled and experienced physiotherapy team understands the unique needs of athletes recovering from injuries or surgeries. We use cutting-edge therapeutic methods and techniques, designed specifically to expedite recovery, restore function, and improve performance.

Coming back from a sports injury or surgery?

Prime’ Performance & Therapy offers an optimal environment for your recovery journey. Our 6,000 sq. ft. facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and recovery modalities. We offer a wide range of treatments designed to speed up your recovery, rebuild strength, improve mobility, and enhance performance, ensuring a successful return to your sport.

We take pride in our athlete-centred approach, combining personalized training with the latest sports science knowledge to help you overcome challenges and reach your performance goals. Remember, injury or surgery doesn’t have to be the end of your sports journey. With the right support and guidance, you can come back stronger.

Return to your sport stronger than ever

Call us at +1 (250) 591-9950 or use our convenient online booking system to start your Rehab Athletics program today. Don’t let injury or surgery keep you away from the game you love.

For more information about our Rehab Athletics program and to understand how we can assist your recovery journey, please visit our Prime’ Therapy Page. At Prime’ Performance & Therapy, we’re committed to helping you get back in the game. Start your recovery journey with us today!