Primed: Set

Primed: Week 2


The instructions seemed simple enough. Pick up the bar with palms facing downward and lift bar to chest for a reverse curl. There weren’t even weights on the bar. No weight, no sweat, right? Except I couldn’t even lift it half way up. My muscles simply refused to cooperate.

There was nothing I could do but laugh.

Next up was the ab roller. Just 3 x 10 roll outs from my knees. I was hit with immediate nostalgia – this is going to be great! I used to love using my Dad’s same wheel on the red carpet of our rumpus room in the 80’s.

Except, wait a minute…it seemed much less like a medieval torture device back then. I ended up face down on the rubber.

All I could do was laugh.

I laughed a lot this week. It reminded me there is no room for self criticism when you’re making progress. It would’ve been easy to focus on what I used to be able to do, or how strong I used to be, but it would have only sucked away my motivation and taken any fun out of the process…which will never end in me sticking with it long term. It’s a vulnerable position to be new, and perhaps really terrible at something, so doubt, frustration and self-criticism will sneak in. It’s got to be a focused effort to push it aside.

As I took this week’s photos progress photos the criticism definitely snuck in, I saw my nose scrunching in disgust in the mirror before I realized I was doing it. I immediately relaxed it, and laughed at myself. I made it into the gym this morning. That’s progress right there. There is absolutely nothing to turn my nose up at.

This week I tripped on the skipping rope and walked smack into the handle of a weight machine, gifting myself a large bruise on my hip. I couldn’t do more than a few minutes on the Airdyne bike and I failed miserably at planking at the end of my workout.

But, I also slept better on the days I worked out. I drank more water than I typically do, and I had countless conversations with people who are interested in this 15-week challenge and are motivated to do the same.

The scale didn’t budge this week but my muscles are sore. I made it to the gym three mornings, including my first workout with Max.


My first Personal Training workout was with Max on Tuesday of this second week. His instruction gave me more confidence to use different areas and apparatuses in the gym.

Gyms can be intimidating when you don’t know where everything is or even what everything is. Working with the right trainer/coach is so much more than I thought it would be. I had always assumed personal trainer was a gentler, more marketable term for drill sergeant. It’s apparent after just one session how wrong I was. Max is a supportive and encouraging coach who tolerates my incessant questions as well as my weak core. He corrects my body alignment and movement while pushing me just hard enough to keep me laughing.

Looking forward to Week 3!

Max: Alison showed a solid degree of competency with her lifting abilities and that she was able to adapt quickly to implement changes or cues provided during the first 1 on 1 session. When examining her ability to move in more detail, it is clear that under load or in positions that challenge balance and postural control – like squatting and lunges – that we see a reduction in her ability to maintain core stability. Also, we need to continue working on her thoracic mobility and strengthen the muscles that stabilize Alison’s left shoulder, as currently they are impairing her ability to use her arm overhead.


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