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December 1: Day 1

We’ve all had our share of Day Ones. Here’s mine.

I have discovered, in direct defiance of my master plan, simply working at Prime’ is not in fact whipping me into shape. Day in and day out I see our coaches go in the gym with smiling clients and come out with sweaty, red-faced, still smiling clients and I love it. But, as much as I love it and as much as I want it to, their hard work has not been rubbing off on me. How frustrating.

I’m not a total sloth. I have been involved in sports my entire life. I started both Highland dance and soccer when I was three. I danced into my twenties and I still play soccer. I have run 14 half marathons in the last 10 years and I play tennis twice a week.

However, I have also had an adventurous last couple years. I’ve been through a divorce, three moves, and a career change. I’ve said goodbye to loved ones, fallen in love again, got engaged and blended families. My partner was diagnosed with and treated for cancer last year. And, oh right, it’s 2020.

I do yoga, sometimes. I will get super motivated and use my treadmill, about once or twice a month. I will plank, lift a dumbbell or do a sit-up, occasionally. I walk a lot, when the weather suits me. I have an Apple Watch (a gift to myself and if I’m honest, another a misguided attempt at fit-by-osmosis). Apple is really good at letting me know how consistent I am at not reaching my daily goals.

It’s no secret all things in life, difficult or wonderful, have an affect on us. It’s how we choose to deal with these things that show up on our faces and our bodies. Neither right or wrong, I feel many of my choices in the last few years are written on my forehead, in sharpie, and my ill-fitting clothes are sharing the rest of my secrets. It’s time to get moving. I’m really happy, but I’m also uncomfortable. A recent birthday has reminded me that time is marching on with or without me. I love my 40’s, I really do, I just don’t love what it’s doing to my ass.

The question I get a lot is, ”Why start December 1st?” Followed by, “But Christmas is coming, why not wait until after?” and, “What about wine?”

Perhaps the most common, “We’re all out of shape thanks to Covid, so why bother?”

All good points, although the last one is entirely untrue. There are a million excuses any time of the year, any year. Time is going to pass anyway, so why not now? It really comes down to the fact I’m tired of starting sentences with, “I used to…”

So here I am. It’s 6:45am on a dark December 1st and I’m getting into my car for my very first personal training session ever. The sky is just starting to lighten when I arrive. The lights are on and the music is loud. I’m nervous, but so ready.

My initial session is nothing like I thought it would be, and I work here. I purposefully didn’t ask what to expect. I had assumed I would be put through the paces akin to a fitness test and I prepared myself for an ego hit.

Instead, the first part of my session is spent in a Kinesiology clinic room with Max. Max asks me lots of questions about my history, past injuries, and my goals for our training. Most importantly, we talk about my expectations and what I believe are my measurable results for success.

My main goals are:

  1. Weight loss and strength training: I have 3 kids and I’m 44. My core isn’t what it used to be.
  2. Endurance improvement: I am training for my first full marathon in the fall.
  3. Developing a healthy, consistent routine with professional guidance. I need to be held accountable.

The second part of my first session is in the gym. This is where I thought it was going to end with tears and bad words. Instead, Max runs me through a series of mobility exercises and recorded where I’m at. This is not only to provide me a baseline, it helps him to build a program for me focused on the areas I need to strengthen and perhaps modify for.

Max: Having an appreciation for how Alison moves is critical to providing her a program that is right for her. This is why we performed an initial assessment with her. This includes a variety of movements and screens that paint a better picture of how Alison moves throughout her daily life. Based on findings in Alison’s assessment, we will be incorporating exercises for improving mobility in her thoracic spine, shoulders and ankles. Her program will also include exercises that focus on improving core stability. The inclusion of these exercises will serve to improve her movement proficiency so that she can move better and safer on the physical journey to reaching her goals.

It was an eye opening hour. I laughed a lot and learned a lot. I didn’t sweat, but I know that’s coming tomorrow.

I’ve got 15 weeks of this. I will be working with one of our Kinesiologists 1x per week and working out on my own 2x week, following the program the coaches design for me. I will be blogging weekly about my experiences and my progress. I hope you’ll follow along. I promise to be honest and transparent about the process.

Please email me if you have questions. Let me know what you’d like to read about:


Valued at over $1350
Cost: $798 +GST
That’s just $279.30 (incl. tax) a month (Dec1 /Jan 1 / Feb 1)  or $119.70 biweekly


What it includes:

  • 15 x 60min Personal Training sessions:
  • 2x/wk team builder program delivered via APP
  • Gym membership (3 month)
  • Personal In-Gym Photos: Day 1 and Day 105


Cost: $450 + GST
That’s just $236.25 (incl. tax) a month or $118.13 biweekly!

  • 8×60 min Personal Training Sessions
  • 2x/wk team builder program delivered via APP
  • Gym Membership (2 months)
  • Personal In-Gym Photos: Day 1 and Day 56


“Your life a year from now will be a reflection of the actions and choices you made today.” – Kerwin Rae